I am so blessed to have two beautiful children, who were an absolute joy to raise, despite the struggles that are almost inevitable when it comes to raising kids. Having said that, there was arguably no moment in time in which I absolutely couldn’t get enough of my kids compared to when they were just infants. I couldn’t stop holding them, and staring into their eyes, and making them laugh in whatever way I could. And sure, sometimes they started crying from time to time, often for seemingly no reason, but as a whole, my kids as babies were absolutely the cutest!

But just why are babies so cute in general? Well for one thing, there is an inherent bias as the parent of said baby. Especially if it is your first child, seeing a baby that was the product of you and your partner’s love will always bring joy to your heart, which inevitably contributes to the perceived cuteness of your baby. But even friends and acquaintances that come into contact with your baby will swear to just how cute they are.

So even for these “non-family members”, what makes babies so cute? Well for one thing, they exude a sense of innocence, naivety, and ultimately simplicity. Unlike teenagers who are often cynical about life, or even toddlers who know how to speak and are willing to complain about anything and everything, infants are much simpler. They will see the world for what it is, and in that sense, they are a joy to be around. They will get easily distracted by shiny objects, and grasp at anything and everything they can reach with their hands (often putting those things in their mouth). They drool a lot and smile incessantly to whoever smiles back at them. And that sort of behavior is absolutely infectious to anyone around them.

Other than the simplicity of babies, another reason people find them so cute is because the are still growing into their bodies, which makes for uniquely adorable physical characteristics. For one thing, most babies have a lot of baby fat on them, particularly around the arms and legs. When someone sees a “plump” baby with lots of fat around the elbows and knees, you cannot help but smile. For whatever reason, we adults find that super cute, perhaps simply because it is a unique physical characteristic that is not present on us as adults.

Babies are also cute because of how they are typically dressed. For example, the diaper is quite honestly adorable on a baby – at least for those who aren’t actually tasked with changing their diapers! The baby onesies that many parents dress their babies in are also supremely cute. In general, when parents actually make a concerted effort to dress their babies nicely, the end result will always be an adorable outfit (especially if it is a matching outfit with that of the baby’s parents or his or her siblings).

So in short, that gives just about every reason why babies are so cute and adorable! Seeing and interacting with a baby that is in a good mood will almost certainly put in you a great mood yourself – and that is just awesome!