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How Much Time Do You Spend Pumping at Work?

So far, my re-entry is going well and I have only hit one small hurdle. The act of pumping is taking much longer than I expected. By the time I leave my office, check into the lactation room, set up my equipment, pump, break down my equipment, and return to my office I have eaten up roughly forty minutes. Forty minutes three times a day really cuts into productivity.

Prior to having a child it was not uncommon for me to spend 50+ hours at the office. Now I am trying to get the same job done in 40 hours (including the 10 hours a week I spend pumping).

I am sure I can be more efficient than my pre-baby self but I am not 100% sure I can be efficient enough to keep up with all this pumping. If you have any suggestions on how to optimize this process, PLEASE let me know.