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The Spanish Alphabet, all it took was a little swipe with a Sharpie

It has been over two months since Ivey first sang her ABCs in English. She still has not sung them in Spanish whereas she only seems to count in Spanish. At first, I was baffled by the fact that her English and Spanish skills seem to both be progressing differently and then I realized something…

I am ALWAYS counting in Spanish. I will even use Spanish numbers in English sentences similar to the way I use slang words like “chones” in my English sentences. Yep, I am a goofball like that.

So starting today, I will be singing the ABC’s in Spanish to Ivey frequently. It will be good practice for both of us.

To help with this activity I have also decided to customize the ABC123 product from Magnetic Poetry. This is possible because unlike alphabet flash card sets, this kit has extra consonants and vowels.

Yep, that is right. One little swipe with a Sharpie and I was able to turn the 26 letter English Alphabet into a 27 letter Spanish Alphabet.

Want to learn the Spanish alphabet along with Ivey? The names for the Spanish letters, in alphabetic order, are pronounced as follows:

ah (a), bay (b), say (c), day (d), ey (e), EY-fay (f), hay (g), AH-chay (h), ee (i), HOH-tah (j), kah (k), EY-lay (l), EY-may (m), EY-nay (n), EY-nyay (ñ), oh (o), pay (p), coo (q), EY-rray (r), EY-say (s), tay (t), oo (u), OO-vay (v), DOH-blay OO-vay (w), AY-kees (x), ee gree ay gah (y), and SAY-tah (z).

Meet the Lango Kids…Cosmo, Lucia, Luc, Wen and their Teacher Ms. L

As a parent raising her children to be multilingual, I use multiple resources that include DVDs, music and books; however, I find that face-to-face instruction is by far the most effective teaching method.

Since I am not multilingual myself, we have met this face-to-face need by hiring a Spanish speaking nanny and attending languages classes as a family.

One of the reason we take classes from Lango is that they understand kids learn best when not just listening and speaking, but moving, singing, dancing, playing, feeling, creating and solving problems as well. Lango even takes this approach a step further by incorporating the adventures of the Lango Kids into their curriculum.

Ivey LOVES these characters! Let me tell you a little about them…

Meet Cosmo. Cosmo is a loyal, playful dog who is up for anything even if it means he often gets in to trouble. Cosmo is very talented; he speaks and understands all languages.

Meet Lucia. Lucia is 6 years old and is from Mexico. She is bilingual (English/Spanish) and is currently working on learning Mandarin and French. Her hobbies include gymnastics, singing, and acting. She also loves music. Lucia is a natural leader and good at solving problems, adventurous, smart, confident and organized.

Meet Luc. Luc is 6 years old and is from France. He is bilingual (English/French) and is currently working on learning Mandarin and Spanish. His hobbies include soccer, art (painting), the computer and playing video games. Luc is silly, funny, friendly, agreeable and loves animals.

Meet Wen. Wen, being only 2 years old, is the youngest of the Lango Kids crew. He is from China and is bilingual (English/Mandarin). Wen is also learning Spanish and French but sometimes becomes frustrated and emotional because he is still a toddler. He is a natural explorer, eager to try new things and loves to dance and play.

Meet Ms. L. Ms. L is 40 years OLD which is probably why she is so wise. She is from the United States and speaks English, French, Mandarin, and Spanish. In her free time Ms. L enjoys traveling and snowboarding. She is extremely positive, adaptive, flexible, encouraging and it is easy to see that she loves teaching kids.

About Lango
Lango was established on the belief that every child should learn a second language. Lango was started in the San Francisco Bay Area and now is in over 70 communities across the U.S. providing Spanish, French and Mandarin classes to children ages 18 months to 11 years of age. Follow them on Twitter (@CosmoLango) or like them on Facebook.