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Finally an Infant Bath Tub that’s Perfect for City Dwellers

Living in the city without a garage (or even a storage closet) often means living a minimalist modest lifestyle if you want to or not. With my first child I tried to use a traditional plastic bath tub however I was at a complete loss on where to store it and began to dread bath time since using the tub was so awkward.


This why I think the Puj Tub is pure genius.

Since it is made from a soft foam that folds and conforms to almost any sink, the Puj Tub cradles and protects the baby during bath time. When bath time is over, you just toss the water out of it, unfold it and hang it up a hook behind the bathroom door. Finally an infant bathtub that isn’t awkward and is easily stored out of sight no matter how much storage space you have.

And believe it or not you can buy it from Walmart.

Ivey Still Likes Ella’s Kitchen

Ivey might no longer need to eat baby food but that doesn’t seem to stop her from eating her favorite items from Ella’s Kitchen.

For example, last night while we were hanging out with our neighbors, one of the kids happened to leave their sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apple, blueberries briefly unattended – next thing I knew Ivey was helping herself to it (see picture above).

Recently they added a few new favors to their assortment and they were kind enough to send us samples of the following:

There is just something about the quality of the ingredients and the convenience of the packaging that makes Ella’s Kitchen something both Ivey and I can agree on. They taste so great that I find myself eating them as well. They are the perfect dose of healthy organic fruits and veggies! The packaging is perfect for when you running out the door plus they are MUCH better for you than a nasty V8.

Judith’s Herbals and her Beautiful Blue Bottles

On a recent trip to Bolinas I stopped into Judith’s Herbals and purchased the following products:

  • Jojoba Hair Conditioning Oil
  • Organic Avocado Oil
  • Morningdew Moisturizer
  • Golden Seal & Myrrh Mouthwash

These products are great but what I fell in love with was the packaging. I am a total sucker for beautiful blue glass bottles and old school labels. Not only does colored glass block UV rays, which helps increase the product’s shelf life, but they can be redeemed at Judith’s when you are done with them. Organic ingredients, Glass containers and bottle deposits might seem right out of the 1920’s but these three things makes Judith’s Herbals an amazing eco-friendly find, even more so if you are willing to ride your bike from San Francisco to buy them.