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Ivey Maudell sings her ABC’s (in English)

Although she experienced a little stage fright during the filming of this video (or maybe she was distracted by the food) Ivey is now singing her ABC’s in English. I am curious to see how long it will take until she can sing them in Spanish as well?

I also find it interesting that her English and Spanish skills seem to both be progressing differently. Although she can only presently sing her ABC’s in English, there are several words and sayings that she only appears to know in Spanish.

Ivey Maudell is Twenty Three Months Old

Ivey Maudell turned twenty three months old today. I can’t believe how fast time is flying. To ensure I remember all these special moments I will be taking a “birthday” picture every month for her first 24 months as well as charting her developments.

Summary of Ivey’s development this past month:

  • Has officially begun potty training about a month ago
  • Still refuses to sit still for more than a few seconds which makes capturing these photos harder than before
  • Is speaking short sentences in both English and Spanish
  • Likes to sing several songs including ABC’s, La Araña Pequeñita and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Likes to pick out what jewelry she wants to wear on a daily basis
  • Is currently taking the following classes weekly (swimming, music, art, and yoga)
  • Has had some regression due to the arrival of Baby Linden (examples: has stolen Linden’s bottles, has become highly attached to her “binky”, wants to be carried)

The Outtakes:

Prior to Baby Linden’s arrival Ivey only used the “binky” during bed time. Now it is become harder for her leave it in her room and often asks for her “binky” during the course of the day.

The above photo is an example of what happens when Ivey’s “binky” is taken away.


Watching Dora the Explorer.


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