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Ivey Maudell Counts to Ten in Spanish

It hasn’t been easy to capture my toddler on video as of late. She rarely sits still and she refuses to perform on queue – go figure.

However, the other day I was able to sneak up on her and capture her counting to ten in Spanish while pretending to read.

Now, if I can only capture her singing her ABC’s, which she has been doing successfully for about a month now.

Note: The above video was shot, edited, and posted using my iPhone.

Bits of My Weekend – Cody el caballo y el fútbol

Whenever we go to Thornton Beach Ivey begs to see the “caballos”
So of course we did.
This time she was actually brave enough to ride one. His name was Cody.
She was so happy all she could talk about was Cody.
Ivey: “¿Dónde está Cody?”
Me: “En el granero”
Ivey: “¿Por qué?”
Me: “porque es su casa.”
Ivey: “¿Mommy, dónde está Cody?”
Me: “I already told you honey, en el granero”
Sunday is for “fútbol”
Linden doesn’t seem to enjoy it as much as Ivey, at least not yet.
Ivey’s favorite part seems to be getting stamps.
My favorite is moments like this.


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