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I am Passionate for Purple Purses

For YEARS I have been hunting for the perfect purple purse and finally this season I am lucky enough see them everywhere. The following are some of my favorites:

  1. Foley + Corinna Mid City Tote ($379)
  2. Hobo International’s Iris ($42.99)
  3. The Morelle Truffle ($235)
  4. Bungaloe’s Reclaimed Leather Pleated Clutch ($48)
  5. TenStreetsaks’ Rufflette ($35)

Question for readers: What color purse are you passionate about?

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The Morelle Truffle: Gorgeous in Green and Perfect in Purple

It is no secret that I am crazy about the Truffle Bag by morelle (see my Lovely in Lilac post from last month). It meets all my criteria for a good bag. It is handmade, colorful, functional, large enough to double as a diaper bag and yet sturdy enough to hold a laptop.  Although Katie Grigoratou (owner and designer of morelle) has also designed Truffles made out of canvas and linen I am particularly fond of the ones she makes out of colored leather.

To be honest, I wasn’t planning to buy another Truffle (at least not this year) but then I caught wind of her Winter Collection. When I spotted not only the green leather Truffle but a purple one, I knew I would not be able to resist. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a good leather bag in purple or green? It is HARD. I have been trying for years. I came close once, with a large green leather bag by Tano, but ultimately it lacked the function and durability that I require (the lining ripped constantly, the snaps broke and it never held my stuff in an organized fashion).

The only thing that stopped me from buying them both today is the fact that she is completely out of stock. I contacted her and she assured me that she is presently hard at work in her studio trying to meet the demand. So for now I’ll be patient and wait (just like everyone else) but with any luck I will be sporting a Truffle in both green and purple sooner rather than later.

Additional Tip: Besides green, purple, lilac, cobalt blue, white, and teal the leather Truffle comes in additional colors as well. If you are interested in a specific color please contact Katie to discuss.

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The Morelle Truffle: Lovely in Lilac

Yep, I did it again. I bought another purse off of etsy, this time it is a stunning Truffle in Lilac. It was on sale (20% off) which only made it more tempting. This isn’t the first purse I have purchased from morelle. I purchased a Truffle made out of an eggplant colored canvas less than a year ago but when I saw this featured on Making it Lovely I just couldn’t help myself.

I mean come on, who could possibility resist soft leather in a shinny lilac finish? Obviously I can’t. Good thing, it is plenty big enough to double as a diaper bag when Ivey and I go out to lunch with the ladies.