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Ivey Still Likes Ella’s Kitchen

Ivey might no longer need to eat baby food but that doesn’t seem to stop her from eating her favorite items from Ella’s Kitchen.

For example, last night while we were hanging out with our neighbors, one of the kids happened to leave their sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apple, blueberries briefly unattended – next thing I knew Ivey was helping herself to it (see picture above).

Recently they added a few new favors to their assortment and they were kind enough to send us samples of the following:

There is just something about the quality of the ingredients and the convenience of the packaging that makes Ella’s Kitchen something both Ivey and I can agree on. They taste so great that I find myself eating them as well. They are the perfect dose of healthy organic fruits and veggies! The packaging is perfect for when you running out the door plus they are MUCH better for you than a nasty V8.

Organic Baby Food by Ella’s Kitchen

Until this past trip to Arizona for Spring Training I had been making all of Ivey’s baby food. This has not only saved us money but it allowed me control over the quality of ingredients. I have been dabbling with an organic diet for the last 10 years but it took the birth of my daughter to make it a family habit.

This trip was our first since Ivey started on solids and I had been struggling with how to transport homemade baby food through the heat in Arizona without it spoiling. Lucking during the planning process I was contacted by Ella’s Kitchen and asked to try their organic baby food products. This felt like kismet so I took them up on their offer.

foodElla’s Kitchen organic baby food has no added sugar, salt or even water to dilute its goodness. It does not contain any preservatives or thickeners. It purely 100% yummy USDA organic fruits and vegetables with a little organic lemon juice to maintain its freshness. I tried it myself and I think it tastes great both warm or cold. The resealable pouch makes it easy to use while out and about and instead of pouring it in a bowl you can just squeeze a little directly on a spoon for easy feeding.

Bottom line: I am not only impressed with the quality of the ingredients but the cleaver packaging is extremely travel friendly. I will be continuing to purchase and use Ella’s Kitchen as a healthy option for times when homemade baby food just isn’t possible.