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Giveaway: Pump Hands-Free with Simple Wishes

Working a full-time in an office environment and pumping isn’t always easy – unless you have the proper tools to go Hands-Free. I tried several hands free pumping bras (a few DIY attempts included) and couldn’t find one that fit correctly until my friend @hygeiaKate introduced me to Simple Wishes.

There are two main reason that I think Simple Wishes is hands down the best pumping bra on the market:

  1. This product is created by moms for moms
  2. This product is completely adjustable which allows for a perfect fit

This product is created by moms for moms
There’s undoubtedly something special about the bond between sisters. With years of combined experience at Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy behind them, sisters Debra, Lydia, Joy and Keren decided to create a product that they – as new mothers – felt was missing from the market.

This product is completely adjustable which allows for a perfect fit
Since every body is different Simple Wishes is completely adjustable which allows for a perfect fit not only on day one but as your body changes as well. I have lost 53 pounds since I gave birth to my daughter and I think it is amazing that I can continue to use the same size bustier from Simple Wishes.

The Giveaway:
Head over to http://promos.theopenskyproject.com/pumpingbra and enter your email address. One lucky mom will receive a coupon redeemable for a FREE Simple Wishes – Hands Free Pumping Bra and everyone else who enters will receive a coupon for a 10% off.

How to Introduce Sippy Cups and Solids

After Ivey grabbed a piece of pizza off my plate and tried to put it in her mouth I realized the inevitable.  The time has come to start feeding her solids. To be honest, I have been avoiding this step. Breast milk creates little mess and even the poop smells kinda sweet.

With solids comes sticky fingers, additional baths and worst of all odoriferous poop. I really dislike odoriferous poop.

In preparation for this milestone we have purchased the following:

And now for the results:



Discloser: All of the above mentioned products were purchased with my own hard earned money, except the Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat, which was a baby shower gift from my second cousin Andy. Thanks again cousin Andy!

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Breast Milk, Breast Milk, Everywhere

As I straighten my house and prepare for the impending arrival of family and friends, I noticed something different this year. BREAST MILK. Not only is my urban loft decorated with breast pump paraphernalia but I keep running across (crusty and dried up) breast milk in the oddest places. I am rather certain the breast milk is reproducing on its own. Surely, I could not have dribbled all over the house. Well, at least not in the hard to reach places, like behind the sofa.

I mean come on, behind the sofa? How on earth did it get there? I am really scratching my head on that one.

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