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Bilingual Board Books (English/Spanish)

One of the goals I have as a parent is to raise my daughter to be multilingual. Since my husband and I primarily speak English I know this is not going to be an easy task. While attending bilingual story and rhyme time at our local library I discovered the following series of books by Gladys Rosa-Mendoza.

These bright, colorful, and engaging books introduce basic words, simple sentences and important concepts to preschoolers. The concepts and language within the books become gradually more challenging in the later volumes.

Although there are many Spanish language books for children, this series has quickly become a key resource in my quest to raise a multilingual child for the following reasons.

Rounded corners allow for young children to access them independently and since they are board books they are less likely to get ripped or chewed up, allowing them to last several years.

Since they contain both English and Spanish it makes them a valuable resource for both native Spanish and English speakers. This series of books actually uses the Spanish language properly and the translations make sense, which is not always the case with other translated books. I also like that as I read these books to my daughter my Spanish is improving as well.

Award Winning Quality
Not only are these books well written/illustrated they often contain themes of love and self-esteem. This series has won three Latino Literacy Awards, the Benjamin Franklin Award, the Award of Excellence at Chicago Book Clinic Book & Media Show, First Place in the International Latino Book Awards, and seven Writer’s Digest Certificate of Merit Awards.

Tools for Proper Pronunciation
At the back of each book there is a page of pronunciations (both English and Spanish) to help the reader learn how to correctly say each word, which is especially beneficial to parents that are not bilingual.


This Set includes:
The full series of bilingual board books from Gladys Rosa-Mendoza (25 board books). Each of which covers a different topic and become more complex the higher the volume number.

Please remember:
Once you’ve received your books… please comment on this post to let me know how much your kiddos love them.


Our Four Favorite Board Books for Little Babies

Since Ivey’s arrival I have read well over 100 different board books to her. Most of these these books we found at our local library however, we have purchased several dozen as well. Out of all the books the following four are presently her favorites.

This board book contains nine modern, clean, well designed illustrations. These illustrations seem to quickly grab Ivey’s attention due to their large scale and boldness. This particular book contains no copy. Since the modern look matches the decor in our loft I often leave it sitting on our coffee table.

This board book contains a modern, clean illustration and a simple yet catchy story. The copy on each page reads, “Blue bird, blue bird, what do you see? I see (insert number from 1-5) bird(s) up in the tree.” Again this book is so pretty that I often leave it on our coffee table. Ivey seems to really like the copy and I will also swap out the one, two, three, four, five, for uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco to spice it up a bit.

Peek-A Who?
This board book contains colorful illustrations and content that seems to grabs Ivey’s attention. The content reads, “Peek-a Who? Peek-a Moo! Peek-a Boo! Peek-a Zoo! Peek-a Choo-Choo! Peek-a You!” I have read this book so many times that I often recite it from memory when Ivey gets upset which always seems to calm her down and make her smile.

Baby Faces
This board book contains sixteen photos of babies with different expressions and states (i.e. happy, sad, dirty, clean). Although the book itself is quite simple Ivey seems to really enjoy looking at the babies’ faces. Her favorite seems to be the “happy” baby.