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Bits of My Weekend, Have You Ever Had Cream Cheese on a Hot Dog?

Fri-Ivey_Family-Concert-with-Suzi -Shelton_1
Friday night we attended a twilight concert by Suzi Shelton at Recess.
Fri-Ivey_Family-Concert-with-Suzi -Shelton_2
Ivey also played with some of her favorite toys.
On Saturday morning Ivey and I had donuts
Before taking a Spanish Class.
Saturday afternoon we checked out a local Street Festival and Ivey ate a hot dog with mustard, ketchup and cream cheese.
On Sunday, we got to soccer practice early so Daddy could teach Ivey how to throw a frisbee.
On Sunday afternoon I took a few pictures of Linden and
managed to clean up the house.

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Bits of My Weekend – a Horse, a Wedding, and Soccer

Saturday morning started with a quick trip to visit Cody, Ivey’s favorite “caballo”
Saturday evening, my husband and I went on a date…
Okay, it was actually a wedding but since we were kid-free I am counting it as a date.
It was great to hang out with family.
I had a good time taking pictures…
like this one…
and this one…
and this one.
I am pretty sure everyone had a good time.
On Sunday we dragged our butts out of bed bright and early and took Ivey to soccer.


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Another Weekend Another Brithday Party

This weekend we attended another birthday party – surprise surprise :). We were super excited to attend and I am not just saying that because she had Sibby’s Cupcakes.


Or because she had a princess bouncy house.

DSC_4760-2Ivey enjoyed catching up on the neighborhood gossip while snacking on cheddar cheese fish crackers (a.k.a toddler crack).


And practicing her soccer skills.


Ivey fell in love when the balloon lady made her this balloon that looks exactly like her favorite storybook character – Lola!

We were also thrilled to be giving the birthday girl one of our more recent product discoveries; A set of Tegu blocks. Tegu has reinvented the wooden block in a way that brings new life to a favored classic! These 52 Eco-friendly blocks actually have magnetic connections that make them wildly addictive for kids (and kids at heart).