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Linda Mar Beach, a Great Place to Surf

There are three reasons I think Linda Mar is a great place to surf:

  1. Location: Linda Mar is very close to San Francisco; It only takes me 15-20 minutes to get there. Being so close it allows me the opportunity to get a session in before work, after work, or on the weekend; without in turning into an all day event.
  2. Vibe: The people at Linda Mar are friendly and it is a great place to meet new surf friends. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing better than surfing with your crew; however that is not always possible. When you are “crewless” it is great to know that the water is filled with friendly people that are more than willing to share a wave with you.
  3. Something for everyone: With multiple breaks good for beginners as well as experienced surfers (a.k.a Round House, Pump House, Taco Bell, Creek etc.) you have tons of options. Also if you are headed to the beach with non-surfers there is a great walking trail to keep them busy.

Have you never been surfing but you want to learn? Linda Mar is a great place to learn how to surf. Nor Cal Surf Shop rents boards, wetsuits and they teach lessons as well.

About me: I use a longboard and I love surfing small waves (well – at least until I can get good enough to surf with the big boys). If you see me out at Linda Mar – say hi. I am always looking for new surf friends!