My Life List

My Life List has been inspired by Mighty Girl, Chookooloonks, and GwenBell. If you’re interested in sponsoring one of my goals, send an email to kelly.tirman at yahoo dot com. Thank you!


travel to Mexico and only speak Spanish | hang out in Hawaii | stay in a home with an ocean view (We did it!) | watch the next two Twilight movies at the Kabuki in San Francisco | learn how to grow orchids | record the kids heights on a wall in our home | take Bikram yoga 90 days in a row | take foreign language classes as a family | drink 15 glasses of water a day for 30 days | own a piano | take Chinese brush painting again | order dinner in Italian | take a drawing class again | work from home in some kind of regular way | read a story out loud to a group of kids | sing a song in Spanish while my husband plays the guitar | surf with my daughters | travel to France and only speak French | grow my own tomatoes | plant a vertical garden | celebrate 4th of July weekend in Sonoma or Napa | Take a fun family photo | take and pick up my kids from their first day of school | eat a picnic lunch out of an actual old school picnic basket | throw an indoor rock climbing party | sell something I have made on etsy | make a blanket | take my daughters to a petting zoo | paint both my girl’s nails | speak at a conference (We did it!) | have a tea party with the kids | attend Camp Mather (We did it!) | collect sea glass at Mackerricher State Park | make wine | go house-boating | learn to sail | paint pottery while listening to music | make ice cream | get a tattoo | design a piece of jewelry | learn how to sew | spend a night on a sailboat | make and wear a family t-shirt | take the girls to Disneyland | learn to snowshoe | spend the night on a beach | ride a tandem bike | swim with the dolphins | scuba dive | take my daughters trick or treating | vacation in Cape Cod | swim in a infinity pool | stand up paddle board wearing only a bathing suit | skydive | read the happiness project | teach the girls how to make friendship bracelets | ride horses on the beach | vacation on the Oregon coast | take both the girls to the San Diego zoo | take the girls to the San Francisco zoo | learn to play the piano | write a love letter in French | write a thank you note in Spanish | write a personal note in Chinese | go to China on business | harvest prickly pear | do pull ups | pick berries and make pancakes with them | zip on a zipline | renew my wedding vows | live in another country for a year | really learn to use my camera | plan 100 parties | make a dozen different photo albums | attend college classes with my husband | travel to Ireland | travel to Australia | visit Gonzaga University | play scratch golf | camp in a vintage Volkswagen bus | learn to fence | learn to ride a horse English style and jump | learn to shoot a 9mm | take an adult ballet class | become a certified Bikram yoga instructor | try archery | travel in an Airstream | hear Green Day play at a small local venue again | learn how to fly a plane | vacation in Fiji | hold a monkey | raise a chicken | own a beach house | learn to say thank you in 100 languages | take a trapeze lesson |  learn how to throw a punch | learn my ABCs in five languages | read 100 Spanish books out loud | take pictures at the Alameda Point Antiques Faire | take the girls to visit the UCSB campus | play a cello | take an aerial yoga class | Travel to Haiti

6 thoughts on “My Life List”

  1. GO GIRL. One thing at a time, schedule it, make it happen…get ‘er done. Someone gave you that t-shirt cause you ARE a superhero. Checking the items off this list will only reinforce that for your own kids. It’s not selfish… it’s WIN-WIN.

  2. How far into the Happiness Project are you? I ask because reading it is actually on my Life List. Wondering if it was possible to read it as a virtual book club?

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