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How to Create a Super Cute DIY Chalkboard Without Having to Paint Anything

When we decided to start a family we knew our lives would change forever. For many people this change includes painting walls with chalkboard paint. However if you hate painting or you can’t paint because you rent, I have the PERFECT solution for you – Chalkboard Contact Paper.

Yep, that’s right thanks to this wonderful contact paper, YOU can easily make a super cute DIY chalkboard WITHOUT having to paint anything!

First grab an old inexpensive media cabinet (like this one from IKEA). We purchased our several years ago before we ever dreamed of having kids. However, if you don’t already own one you can easily pick up one at a garage sale or on craig’s list.
When you take the chalkboard paper out of the wrapper you will more than likely think that it feels nothing like a chalkboard and that this is the dumbest idea you have ever tried. Don’t worry. I promise it will work like a charm!

Just make sure you apply it evenly and that you get the bubbles out. I used my shower squeegee for this.
Once I got to the bottom I used a razor blade to cut off the excess.
Once your chalkboard is complete you are going to want to cure it. To do this simply rub it with the side of the chalk all over the board and then erase it using a chalkboard eraser.

Add hyperactive toddler and some chalk.
That’s it – Now you have a super cute chalkboard without having to paint anything!

Five Fabulous Baby Shower Ideas Worth Stealing

Five Fabulous Baby Shower Ideas Worth Stealing
We recently attended an amazing baby shower for our friend and neighbor. Here are some of the fabulous party ideas from her shower. Next time I find myself in charge of throwing a baby shower I plan on stealing borrowing them and you should too.

Five Fabulous Baby Shower Ideas Worth Stealing
I don’t know about you, but I am a little over the whole cake pop craze. What I am not over is super cute center piece ideas. I absolutely LOVE the idea of placing baby socks in center pieces! And if you happen to have the type of baby shower that requires assigned seating; I think they would make super adorable place cards as well.

Five Fabulous Baby Shower Ideas Worth Stealing
Supply plain onesizes and plenty of fabric paint. It will keep your guest busy and provide you with a ton of cute onesizes for all those soon to be taken newborn pictures.

Five Fabulous Baby Shower Ideas Worth Stealing
Don’t forget to hang a clothesline which will allow everyone to show off their creative work!

Five Fabulous Baby Shower Ideas Worth Stealing
I have been to A LOT of baby showers. One growing trend that I personally LOVE is making the shower co-ed. Just remember to buy beer for the boys!

Five Fabulous Baby Shower Ideas Worth Stealing - Señor Sisig My FAVORITE idea from this party is to hire a gourmet food truck. Your guests get an awesome meal and you get to keep your kitchen clean!

Five Fabulous Baby Shower Ideas Worth Stealing
And last but not least… Make clean up easy! Stamp these paper Ace® Yard Bags with these cool stamps to easily collect recycling, and trash items.

Five Fabulous Kids Party Ideas Worth Stealing

We recently attended an amazing Olivia the Pig themed party for our 5 year old neighbor. Here are some of the fabulous birthday party ideas her mom used that I plan on stealing borrowing and you should too.

Forgo the disposable party supply table cloths and buy bold pieces of fabric.

Make your own birthday banner. Not only is it reusable for multiple kids it also makes a great keepsake for the child’s memory box.

When it comes to goody bags, skip purchasing the themed ones and decorate the bags yourself! Also, try matching the items inside the bags to the party theme and ensure they are age appropriate for each party-goer. For Example because my children are younger the hostess included Olivia board books in their goody bags.

As adults we often think to have fresh flowers at our parties, why not have them at a party for kids? Especially when you can tie it back to the party theme.

And lastly, I LOVE these custom water bottles. The hostess even provided red and white paper straws!

So, which one of these fabulous party ideas would you like to steal? How would you make it your own?