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Classrooms by Walmart

Did you know?

  • Each school year, around 30 percent of students arrive to school without the appropriate and requested school supplies.
  • The average public school teachers in the United States spends more than $398 out of pocket on school supplies yearly.

Classrooms by Walmart, the latest innovation to come from @WalmartLabs, enables parents to find their students’ classroom supply lists and purchase the items on or at their local Walmart store.

Teachers can also add custom items they need for the classroom and the products do not even have to be sold through Walmart. For example, A teacher can add anything they require for a classroom or a specific project like kleenex, or egg cartons and paper towel tubes for art projects.

Save Money and Live Better.

  • Orders of $45 or more on most school supplies and uniforms are eligible for free shipping to home.
  • If a purchase has been made from a teacher’s Wish List exclusively, parents can have these items mailed directly to the teacher’s school.
  • Additionally, many online orders are eligible for Walmart’s Pick Up Today option.

Employee Brand Ambassadors Deliver Big Benefits to the Bottom Line [Infographic]

Employee behavior is a big reflection of your business. Give your employees a reason to live the brand and your company will thrive.

“Engaged employees who successfully represent the company brand provide a competitive advantage and impact the bottom line – a crucial benefit in today’s competitive global business environment” according to Mike Ryan of Madison Performance Group, a global web-based workforce recognition and employee incentives solution provider.

(note: This post is based on an article originally posted on The Social Workplace)

I Love Singing, Dancing and a Good Glass of Milk #Positivismo

I am thrilled to let you know that the California Milk Processor Board has selected me to serve as a 2012-2013 Positivity Ambassador!

What is a Positivity Ambassador you ask?
As an ambassador I will be spreading the message about the positive benefits of drinking milk while sharing my family’s personal experiences. Cool huh? So how about you help me celebrate this awesome news with a fun song and dance?

Isn’t that song AWESOME? Dancing and singing is such a healthy positive way to start your day. My daughter Ivey LOVES this song but it took us both a while to learn it. Here are the lyrics so you can learn to sing it in Spanish too…

Un compás de cadera
Manos a los lados
palmas arriba
palmas abajo
Paso de egipcio
Paso de esquimal
Un brinco a la derecha
Y volver a comenzar …

Yo tengo mi paso
Tengo mi paso.
Tengo mi paso
Yo tengo mi paso

Este paso me a hecho un cuerpazo
Estoy en forma me adueño del verano
El secreto para tener este son
Es que tomo mucha leche
Y en verano mucho sol.

If you and your kids love this song half as much as we do; you’re going to want to download it as well.

And after dancing “El Paso Positivo” don’t forget to drink a glass of milk. It will help your muscles recover from the workout! For more milk info feel free to check out Maestro del Vaso Medio Lleno website and Facebook page.

Discloser: This is part of a sponsored campaign with the California Milk Processor Board and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.