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Kelly Tirman runs Social Community efforts at,, and After spending 10+ years living in a modern San Francisco loft she moved her family to a bungalow in the burbs. She now enjoys dreaming up home renovation and design projects in order turn her family's mid-century cave into the modern home of their dreams.

Phoenix, a Cooler Place Than I Thought

My little sister (and maid of honor) moved to Phoenix a little over four years ago and until this weekend I never actually flew in for a visit. The idea of hanging out anywhere in 90 plus degree heat without an ocean view is not something this San Franciscan considers pleasurable. However after four years it looks like she is actually settling down in Phoenix so I figured I better get my butt down there for a visit before she finds a new sister.

To my surprise Phoenix reminded me of a desert version of Temescal due to its hip vibe and well-loved restaurants.

Palatte at the Cavness House
Palatte at the Cavness House

Some of these restaurants include:

So despite temperatures hot enough to fry an egg on a sidewalk I plan on visiting Phoenix regularly; especially November through March when I am less likely to melt.

It has Been a Long Time.

I have to admit I never thought I would blog again. Don’t get me wrong I wanted to; matter of fact less than two years ago I even talked to Clay Newton about it. Hell, I even got so jazzed that I set up a Vox account and then… (fizzle). I never posted a single thing. At that time I convinced myself that I didn’t need to “blog” mostly because I remembered all the very good reasons I stopped blogging in the first place:

  1. My family hated me: it not a good idea to talk trash about your family on your blog; especially if you are young, stupid and rude. Believe it or not you may hurt your mom’s feeling and seriously regret what you wrote later.
  2. No one would date me: sure at first it might sound like a turn on to have your love life read like a soap opera but guys have sensitive egos and remember I was young, stupid and rude.
  3. I am not a good writer: although I have always hoped to improve this weakness I haven’t; so go ahead grammar queens don’t hold back feel free to call out all the typos and improper usage in the nice “comment” section.
  4. It just took too much freakin’ time: It did! Back in the day we didn’t have this fancy blog software. Hell it wasn’t even called a blog; we called it a website and we actually had to know HTML.

So less than two years ago; I decided I would feed my social bug via Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. This had suited me just fine until last Friday when the company I work for launched As a result, I spent the entire weekend reading mommy/daddy blogs and suprised myself by finding a wealth of information I had been craving.

So here I go again – attempting to blog. Now that I am married (five years this month) and trying to start a family; I hope to no longer be stupid or rude (young is another story).