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I help companies build (and utilize) a highly skilled virtual and flexible workforce. Providing them the ability to scale while lowering operational costs, retaining staff and increasing their social business capabilities.

I am currently available for a limited amount of freelance engagements.

For more information on my professional background please visit my Linkedin Profile.

If you are interested in hiring me as a consultant please feel free to email me at kelly.tirman(at)gmail(dot)com or just give me a call.

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This blog utilizes multiple forms of advertisement including but not limited to…

Advertorial: This is a paid advertisement written in the style of this publication. it’s a post that’s written in the same style as this blog, but its written by the advertising company or the product’s company. All advertorials will be clearly marked “advertisement”.

Sponsored Post: A sponsored post is a paid post written by me (Kelly Tirman) the blog’s author in support of a product or service.

Review: Is an editorial post (paragraph, story, etc) that is not paid for. In order to honestly provide my (Kelly Tirman) feelings about a product I required the full product in its original packaging. Please note the following:

  • Submission of product does not guarantee review, positive or otherwise.
  • Manufacturer, Developer, and Supplier comments are welcome and encouraged in the comments section however, the actual review text is my own.
  • Products will not be returned.

Giveaway: A giveaway is paid and can, but does not need to, be done in conjunction with a review. Winners will be chosen at random via an an online generator.

Advertisement: This is a paid service. This blog currently accepts banner advertisements in the following sizes 125 x 125, 728 x 90, and 250 x 250. If you don’t already have banners created I can be hired to design banners for you.

To discuss advertising opportunities please email me at kelly.tirman(at)gmail(dot)com.

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This blog is currently accepting guest bloggers. Please send an outline of your submission to kelly.tirman(at)gmail(dot)com for consideration. To ensure that your guest post is not an advertorial in disguise they should not be self-promotional. You are however allowed links to your blog/website and social media accounts in a brief bio at the end of each post. Please note that all guest post submissions must be original and not already published elsewhere online.

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