Hi, I’m Kelly Tirman and welcome to my playground. I’m a storyteller. I connect people. And together we bring great design into the spaces you live, work and play.

I’m a 40+ year old Native Californian living and working in Walnut Creek, California.


After spending 10+ years living in a modern San Francisco loft my husband and I decided to move our family to a bungalow in the burbs.

And now I enjoy dreaming up home projects in order turn my family’s post-war cottage into the modern home of our dreams.

I am married to a very tall (6’4″), loving and supportive husband named, Val. Being that I am only 5’2″, the only way we can take a picture together is if he swats down or I stand on a stool.













Together we are blessed with two amazing daughters (Ivey Maudell and Linden Estelle).


What topics do you cover on your blog?
I blog about Urban Living, Raising Bilingual Children and Organic Beauty.

Why do you write about organic beauty?
While pregnant with my first child, my skin became very sensitive and as a result I replaced the beauty products I use with natural and organic alternatives that are free of parabens, fragrances, and petrochemicals.

Why do you write about raising multilingual children?
I love language and I believe the study of foreign languages is the gateway to cross-cultural understanding, compassion, and curiosity. By raising my children to speak more than one language not only am I providing them will an important skill it gives me an opportunity to become proficient in other languages as well.

How do you define Urban Living?
Urban living is when it is sometimes faster to take public transportation, your bike, or even walk across town than drive in an actual car. Urban living is when you can hear 5 different languages spoken in 5 minutes. It’s living in a tight knit community, getting to know your neighbors and raising your kids together.

Are you really planning on raising your children in San Francisco?
Yes, that’s the plan. Do you have a better idea?

Why did you move from San Francisco (the city you supposedly loved and would NEVER leave) to Walnut Creek?
I came up with a better idea. Read the blog and find out more.

You take a lot of pictures, what type of camera do you use?
I used to use a Nikon D300 with a 50mm lens however it seem like these days I take most of my photos and videos with my iPhone. As Chase Jarvis has said, “The best camera is the one that’s with you.”

Do you have a “real” job?
Yes, I currently hold a full time position running Social Community efforts at YLighting.com, YLiving.com,  and YBath.com. For more information on my professional background please visit my Linkedin Profile.

Awards & Honors
Top 50 Parents on Pinterest 2012
Conversations with Coca-Cola, An Exclusive Conference for Social Media Moms – October 17-18, 2012
2012 California Milk Processor Board “Positivity Ambassador” 2012
Top 25 Bay Area Moms 2011

Recent Press
Fast Company: 10 Rules of Influencer Marketing and Why You Should Commit to Them
The Drew Blog: Influencer Marketing Q+A w Kelly Tirman, Wells Fargo
psfk: Why it Helps to be an Influencer when Targeting Influencers

Recent Speaking Engagements
Co-presented “Your Biggest Fans: Best Practices for Engaging Influencers” at Media Post’s Social Media Insider Summit, an annual conference focused on taking a pragmatic approach to social marketing.

Co-presented “Work It: How to use your Social Media Footprint as a Portfolio for Landing a Virtual, Flexible Corporate Job” at Bloggy Bootcamp Phoenix, a conference focused on the business of blogging.

Co-presented “Work It: How to use your Social Media Footprint as a Portfolio for Landing a Virtual, Flexible Corporate Job” at Bloggy Boot Camp Chicago 2012, a conference focused on the business of blogging.

Co-led discussions on “Creating a Social Media Strategy Document” and “Getting the Most out of Pinterest and Instagram” at Creative Alliance 2012, a conference for creative business women.

For additional questions about this blog, please contact kelly.tirman(at)gmail(dot)com or you can Twitter stalk me at @kellytirman.

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  1. So we sat at the same table at Bloggy Boot Camp (I was in between the two ladies talking about airline stuff) and I swore that I recognized you, because I randomly came across your blog about a week ago. And then when then started talking about Open Sky, I thought to myself, “I just saw that somewhere…” Anyway, we didn’t officially meet, but you have a great site and your daughter is ADORABLE!

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