The Beautiful Children of OFEDA Need Your Support

These are the beautiful children of OFEDA and this is their story…

We live in a small government-owned tent camp on Rues des Freres, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Our mothers were merchants who sold items at the local markets and were skilled in handcrafts such as embroidery and crochet. Then we were displaced by the 2010 earthquake.

After the earthquake our mothers came together determined to improve our lives, to rebuild our homes, and to educate us.

Our mothers started a business called OFEDA in hopes of finding a way to get us out of the tent camps, reclaim our lives and continue to move forward with security and dignity.

Our moms have started this business by making handmade greeting cards. The conditions under which they work are extremely challenging. During the daily summer monsoons our mothers work in a sweltering tent or outside where the wind and dust make card-making a challenge.

Our moms also hope to save $4000-5000 to be able to rent an office space for a year and another $5000 to invest in the purchase dry goods such as beans, flour, rice, and sugar that would allow them to sell commodities regularly for a profit.

Of the 200 women in our community, currently only 30 have consistent work. Visiting and purchasing items from OFEDA could have a huge impacts our livelihood since 100 percent of the sale of these cards goes directly to our community. Thank you.

Disclosure: I received grant money from the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund (CBHF) and a scholarship from Everywhere to help with the cost of this trip. However, all additional expenses are paid for by me. I am not required to share any part of this trip to Haiti. Please follow us and our journey via the #Bloggers4Haiti hashtag.

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  1. Thank you so much Kelly for sharing the story of the women and children of OFEDA- and what a tremendous story it is!

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