I’m in Love, and It’s A Beautiful Mess

OMG OMG! Elsie + Emma, the lovely ladies over at A Beautiful Mess, have released an iPhone app.

Toddler Feet It is AWESOME and I am in LOVE. It’s addicting, visually appealing, and it even makes my life easier. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

#ABEAUTIFULMESS Finally I can shoot, edit, and post ADORABLE pictures to my social networks AND blog from my iPhone WITHOUT having to spend time in Photoshop!

“To download, you’ll need iOS 6 or later, and you’ll need to be connected to Wi-Fi, as this app is pretty packed with features!” [via A Beautiful Mess]

Supposedly there is an Android version in the works. This is great because my loving husband and kids just got me the new Samsung Galaxy Camera for Mother’s Day. Be prepared. If you think I post a lot of photos of my kiddos now, just you wait. Once I get my hands on that Android app, the flood gates will break wide open!

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