Happy Mother’s Day. Apparently she thinks I’m Strawberry Shortcake

“Happy Mother’s Day,” she says and hands me her gift.

Happy Mother's Day
It is titled: “All About my Mum by Ivey – age 3.”

Happy Mother's Day
In Ivey’s world, her mom is 20 years old and 5 inches tall.

Happy Mother's Day
She gives great big hugs.

Happy Mother's Day
And smells like galletas and fresas.

It sounds like she has gotten me confused with Strawberry Shortcake.
“Strawberry Shortcake may be itty-bitty, but she’s full of big possibilities. She’s kind and smart. She loves adventure and believes you can do anything if you try. She’s a berry good friend who’s always ready to help.”

I guess being like Strawberry Shortcake doesn’t sound like a bad thing after all. From now on I might just start asking myself, “What would Strawberry Shortcake do (WWSSD)?”

One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day. Apparently she thinks I’m Strawberry Shortcake”

  1. This is so sweet. My boys did a similar project during their kindergarten year. My first son thought I was 76 years old. WHAT? This year my son said I was 33. I’m OK with that. And my daughter – 2 – loves Strawberry Shortcake. She’s not a bad person to be compared to. 😉

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