Amazing Things Will Happen


Do you remember my post about the book, Amazing Things Will Happen: A Real-World Guide on Achieving Success and Happiness by C.C. Chapman?

Well, amazing things do happen! The earth is a big place and I am going to make it a little smaller by starting to experience more of it. You see, I am currently en route to Haiti for a potentially life changing trip.


It’s not a vacation; it’s an adventure!

I’m taking a leap of faith. I’m TOTALLY outside of my comfort zone.

But I just know it’s going to be magical.

Here is the list of attendees. Please follow us and our journey via the #Bloggers4Haiti hashtag:

Here is a list of the Haitian businesses we’ll be visiting. Please help support them by visiting the links below :

Disclosure: I received grant money from the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund (CBHF) and a scholarship from Everywhere to help with the cost of this trip. However, all additional expenses are paid for by me. I am not required to share any part of this trip to Haiti.

About Kelly Tirman

Kelly Tirman is a natural CONNECTOR, STRATEGIST and STORYTELLER specializing in eCommerce & Social Business. She is passionate about making social media strategies operational by helping companies build (and utilize) a highly-skilled virtual and flexible workforce. She currently works as an Enterprise Social Strategist and Influence Lead for Wells Fargo however the opinions expressed on this blog represent her own and don’t reflect those of her employer. In her "free-time" Kelly blogs on several topics including Urban Living, Raising Multilingual Children, and Organic Beauty. She happily resides in San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two children.

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  1. C.C. Chapman says:

    Knowing that my words inspired you to do this makes all the work to write the book worth it.

    THIS is what I hoped to inspire and I can’t wait to follow along on your adventure.

  2. Kelly Tirman says:

    C.C. Chapman – I honestly almost backed out multiple times and then I would hear your words in my head. Your book kept me on course. Thank you!

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