Amazing Things Will Happen


Do you remember my post about the book, Amazing Things Will Happen: A Real-World Guide on Achieving Success and Happiness by C.C. Chapman?

Well, amazing things do happen! The earth is a big place and I am going to make it a little smaller by starting to experience more of it. You see, I am currently en route to Haiti for a potentially life changing trip.


It’s not a vacation; it’s an adventure!

I’m taking a leap of faith. I’m TOTALLY outside of my comfort zone.

But I just know it’s going to be magical.

Here is the list of attendees. Please follow us and our journey via the #Bloggers4Haiti hashtag:

Here is a list of the Haitian businesses we’ll be visiting. Please help support them by visiting the links below :

Disclosure: I received grant money from the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund (CBHF) and a scholarship from Everywhere to help with the cost of this trip. However, all additional expenses are paid for by me. I am not required to share any part of this trip to Haiti.

About Kelly Tirman

Kelly Tirman runs Social Community efforts at,, and After spending 10+ years living in a modern San Francisco loft she moved her family to a bungalow in the burbs. She now enjoys dreaming up home renovation and design projects in order turn her family's mid-century cave into the modern home of their dreams.

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  1. C.C. Chapman says:

    Knowing that my words inspired you to do this makes all the work to write the book worth it.

    THIS is what I hoped to inspire and I can’t wait to follow along on your adventure.

  2. Kelly Tirman says:

    C.C. Chapman – I honestly almost backed out multiple times and then I would hear your words in my head. Your book kept me on course. Thank you!

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