Working it at Bloggy Bootcamp Chicago


We did it! This past weekend Yuliya Patsay and I had a great time presenting at Bloggy Boot Camp Chicago, a blogging and social media conference for women.

This particular conference was geared towards the business of blogging; therefore, Yuliya and I spoke about helping people land virtual, flexible positions for corporations using their social media footprint as a portfolio.

This is a topic I am extremely passionate about. I believe in a future where all positions at corporations will be virtual and flexible. Until then, I will continue to work towards helping corporations build and utilize a highly-skilled, virtual, and flexible workforce that provides them the ability to scale while lowering operational costs, retaining staff, and increasing brand engagement.

I also find it extremely rewarding to help fellow moms find flexible careers that they enjoy.

I welcome your feedback and questions on the presentation. And if you want to book Yuliya and I for a speaking engagement on this or a related topic, feel free to email me kelly.tirman[at]gmail[dot]com

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