Our Bilingual Bedtime Routine #Positivismo

Wordless Wednesday People are often surprised to hear that our girls go to bed by 7 pm. This hasn’t always been this easy, but having a predictable five step bedtime routine helps.

Here is our current bedtime routine. Hopefully you will find this helpful as you establish yours.

Step 1: Place kids in bath until water is everywhere but in the bathtub.

Step 2: Change everyone into their PJs, including yourself since your clothes are now soaking wet.

Step 3: Heat up milk while signing “Buenas Noches” in Spanish. Our kids will flat out refuse to go to bed without a warm glass of milk and the “Buenas Noches” song.

Step 4: Download a bilingual story and attempt to read it out loud while your 3-year-old corrects your pronunciation.

Step 5: Kiss your little angels goodnight.

Am I missing anything? What does your bedtime routine look like?

Discloser: This post is part of a sponsored campaign with the California Milk Processor Board and Latina Mom Bloggers. All opinions expressed are my own. For more information on the campaign, feel free to check out the Maestro del Vaso Medio Lleno Facebook page.

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