Classrooms by Walmart

Did you know?

  • Each school year, around 30 percent of students arrive to school without the appropriate and requested school supplies.
  • The average public school teachers in the United States spends more than $398 out of pocket on school supplies yearly.

Classrooms by Walmart, the latest innovation to come from @WalmartLabs, enables parents to find their students’ classroom supply lists and purchase the items on or at their local Walmart store.

Teachers can also add custom items they need for the classroom and the products do not even have to be sold through Walmart. For example, A teacher can add anything they require for a classroom or a specific project like kleenex, or egg cartons and paper towel tubes for art projects.

Save Money and Live Better.

  • Orders of $45 or more on most school supplies and uniforms are eligible for free shipping to home.
  • If a purchase has been made from a teacher’s Wish List exclusively, parents can have these items mailed directly to the teacher’s school.
  • Additionally, many online orders are eligible for Walmart’s Pick Up Today option.

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