Friday iPhone Dump – Stinson Beach, California

We just returned from a week in Stinson Beach. While I spend the next few days editing the photos I took with Nikon D300 here are several pictures I took and edited with my iPhone. Enjoy!

I came. I dug. I spent the good part of one day digging this HUGE “river” for the girls. They loved it.

"Hey, that's my name. Daddy's funny!"
We all spent a lot of time drawing in the sand. After drawing Ivey’s name she proclaimed, “Hey, that’s my name. Daddy’s funny!”

Linden loves the beach
Linden laughed nonstop. She loved picking up the sand with her bare hands.

Follow me
Now that Linden is walking, the girls have started to actually play together. Follow the leader was a big hit.

Take a seat and relax your feet
We walked up and down the beach several times a day to wear the kids out. When Ivey got tired she would squat in random beach chairs along the way.

Ivey loves the outdoor shower at the beach house
We were lucky enough to find an affordable ocean front house to rent. The accommodations were VERY modest but the lot was large and the view was AMAZING. Ivey was a huge fan of the outdoor shower.

Hopefully this is just one of many beach vacations our family will take over the next several years. May my children always know the joy of sand between their toes and the peaceful sound of the ocean waves.

What Freedom Looks Like
This is what freedom feels like. I couldn’t have imagined a better Fourth of July!

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