Beautifully Designed Bilingual Board Books in Spanish/English

I love finding new bilingual books for my daughters. Recently I picked up two sets of beautifully designed board books from Bilingual Readers.

Tu Cuerpo contains two books about the human body. The other set, Sea Animals and Jungle Animals, also has two board books for your bilingual child.

You will be willing to proudly display these books in your home because they are beautifully illustrated and designed, which is sometimes rare when it comes to bilingual books.

Another bonus is that Bilingual Readers provides audio files on their website with pronunciation aids, which is perfect when you are a non-native Spanish speaker trying to raise a bilingual child.


Our FAVORITE of the four board books is Mueve Tu Cuerpo because we enjoy acting out the book. When I read the words “estirarse de la oreja”, Ivey will pull her ear. When I read “dar un abrazo”, she give me a hug. And…


when I read, “hurgarse la narriz” we both laugh and giggle. Because, frankly, who doesn’t think the idea of someone picking their nose is funny?

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