Linden Estelle is Twelve Months Old

Linden Estelle turned twelve months old today. I can’t believe how fast time is flying. To ensure I remember all these special moments, I am taking a “birthday” picture every month for her first 24 months, and charting her developments.

Summary of Linden’s development this past month:

  • Weights 20 pounds 8 oz and is 2 feet 4.5 inches tall
  • Has taken her first steps.
  • Has a grand total of six teeth.
  • LOVES to dance!
  • Has learned how to tease her older sister by pulling or poking her when she thinks we aren’t watching. I don’t feel bad for Ivey, since Linden actually learned this from her.
  • Is still breastfeeding during the evenings and weekends.
  • And, much to my regret, still is not sleeping through the night.

The Outtakes:
Teething continues.

But I don’t want to sit in the chair!

She is a total monkey. I am guessing it is only a matter of weeks before she learns how to climb out of her crib.

Aren’t I cute? You know you LOVE me.

Don’t you just LOVE the Onesie Linden is wearing? I found them on Etsy. They are made by Watching Me Grow, a wonderful mom-owned small business. Help support them by clicking here and liking them on Facebook!

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