Linden Estelle is Eleven Months Old

Linden-Estelle-eleven-months-old-5Linden Estelle turned eleven months old today. I can’t believe how fast time is flying. To ensure I remember all these special moments I will be taking a “birthday” picture every month for her first 24 months as well as charting her developments.

Summary of Linden’s development this past month:

  • She will pretty much repeat any word or tone you make. Not only does she appear to be musically gifted thanks to her dad’s nonstop guitar playing but she is turning into quite the mockingbird as well.
  • She is currently cutting two more teeth, for a grand total of six.
  • Will stand momentarily without support.
  • She will walk around for several minutes while holding on to one of your hands.
  • Will poke and pinch small objects and attempts to put EVERYTHING in her mouth.
  • Is still breastfeeding during the evenings and weekends.
  • And much to my regret, still is not sleeping through the night.

The Outtakes:
We tried taking pictures in the rocking chair again this month but instead of smiling…
Linden-Estelle-eleven-months-old-4She started to complain and then…Linden-Estelle-eleven-months-old-1 Got outright postal. This child knows what she wants and she is not shy about letting others know it!

Don’t you just LOVE the Onesie Linden is wearing? I found them on Etsy. They are made by Watching Me Grow, a wonderful mom owned small business. Help support them by clicking here and liking them on Facebook!

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