Linden Estelle is Ten Months Old

Linden Estelle turned ten months old today. I can’t believe how fast time is flying. To ensure I remember all these special moments I will be taking a “birthday” picture every month for her first 24 months as well as charting her developments.

Summary of Linden’s development this past month:

  • Weighs 19 pounds and is 28 inches tall
  • Likes to tell me very long and detailed stories about her day using a language that no one can translate.
  • She will walk around for several minutes while holding your hands.
  • She enjoys drinking out of sippy cups, even if they actually belong to someone else.
  • Is still breastfeeding during the evenings and weekends.
  • Still only has four teeth.

The Outtakes:
We were thrilled that Linden actually seemed willing to sit in her rocking chair for pictures!
During our photo shoot I played music in the background, which she seemed to enjoy.
Don’t you want to just kiss all her little fat rolls? I know I do.
Yep, she is adorable and knows it!

Don’t you just LOVE the Onesie Linden is wearing? I found them on Etsy. They are made by Watching Me Grow, a wonderful mom owned small business. Help support them by clicking here and liking them on Facebook!

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