Wardrobe Overhaul: Flatter Your Figure

Wanna Look professional and maybe even a little sexy? I know I do. With my maternity leave coming to an end and my return to the office imminent I have been inspired to dump my frump. As a result I am currently on a mission to overhaul my professional wardrobe.

As part of this overhaul I recently bought the following three items from Ann Taylor:

These pieces completely flatter my size 12 four months post pardon figure and make me feel fabulous. If they can do this for me (a woman who has recently given birth to baby #2 and has been mistaken for still being pregnant), think about what they could do for you!

  1. Snake Print Cuffed Sleeveless Dress – Not only is this dress ultra-flattering as a result of being side-ruched it is also MACHINE WASHABLE.
  2. Seamless Ponte Pencil Skirt – This skirt is made of some type of miracle fabric that makes you look thinner. Tip: try it on a size smaller than you normally buy.
  3. Perfect Leather Pump – 3 1/4″ high heel makes your legs look amazing but thanks to the padded leather footbed they are actually comfortable.

Okay ladies, don’t hold out on me, what flatter any figure type items are in your closet?

2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Overhaul: Flatter Your Figure”

  1. Um, how about the brown linen pencil skirt I scored on sale at Ann Taylor a number of years ago… it wrinkles the second you take it off the hanger and looks like a dishrag within the hour but is TO-tally flattering and slimming (yeah, baby)

    Will try to think up some more.

    OH. A snakeskin print cotton knit (w/ a little lycra?) sheath by Necessary Objects. No kidding around the BEST purchase I may have ever made in my life. (@ Loehmann’s) Looks great, feels great, and the thing will not die. It’d be very easy to copy….I may just DO that. (Will bring original to CA12 if I can remember this promise.)

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