Wardrobe Overhaul: Finding Your Signature Style

Tired of looking frumpy? I know I am. I realized recently that the last time I purchased non-maternity work clothes was 2008. With my maternity leave coming to an end and my return to the office imminent my professional wardrobe really needed a total overhaul. I hope you find these next few fashion posts not only entertaining (you are laughing with me and not at me right?) but helpful.

The goals for this wardrobe overhaul are the following:

  • Remove all ragged clothes from my closet. Heading back to the office wearing stained worn out clothes is not an option.
  • As an urban professional with very little closet space I need a low maintenance, somewhat minimalist wardrobe consisting of several interchangeable items.
  • Look professional and dare I say a little sexy.

First item up to bat are shirts…When you find a shirt that you love, is it okay to buy it in every color?

I recently bought the above shirt from Ann Taylor in all four available colors (two in the store and two online). Yep, I admit this might sound wacky but I am kinda a “uniform” type of gal. For example, I had always admired Steve Jobs for wearing the same combination of jeans and a turtleneck. It seemed convenient and the style became his signature.

I am eager to hear what my fellow mom and fashion guru Audrey McClelland thinks about me picking four of the same tops for my new signature style. I am hoping it will come off minimalistic, low maintenance yet classy. Since stylistic tops like these change slightly from season to season I am thinking finding an updated yet different top each season shouldn’t be that difficult. What do you think?

I bought this shirt from Ann Taylor in all four available colors because:

  • It was easy. As the overbooked crazy person that I am; I had exactly 90 minutes to work with an Ann Taylor stylist to refresh my outdated wardrobe (BTW – Anna at the Stanford Shopping Center Ann Taylor is awesome).
  • They were reasonably priced and on sale.
  • I loved the cut and it looked good on my body.
  • The material felt good. I can’t stand itchy clothes!
  • Although they are not “nursing” tops, I feel comfortable that I will be able to pump in them without an issue.
  • These shirts are MACHINE WASHABLE! Which is great because I don’t have time to go the the dry cleaners and I am pretty sure they will have toddler grease or breast milk spilled on them on a regular basis.

Considering the goals for this wardrobe overhaul; what do you think about these shirts?

6 thoughts on “Wardrobe Overhaul: Finding Your Signature Style”

  1. I have often fell victim to what I call the “aspirational outfit” that is dry clean only, quite lovely, but in the end not wearable. It has to go in the machine and come out okay. No ironing please! I love what you did – shirt in every color. Find something that looks good and get a couple. :)

  2. Kelly, you and I think alike! If I like something, especially a top, I am often tempted to buy it in several different colors. What I like about the top you chose is that it looks different tucked in, which gives you a different look too.

    I’m sure it looks awesome on you!

  3. Style..a word that is currently not in my vocabulary. That and I can’t stand to shop…which brings me to this awesome new company one of my high school classmates started http://stitchfix.com/ where they shop and style for you! How cool is that? (not paid to say any of that, just genuinely excited about the idea)

  4. Cute top! I do the same thing. You can change “the look” with jewelry, a sweater, jacket, different belts, different pants, jeans, skirt, heels, flats. It’s a cute (and comfy) choice.

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