How to Create a Language Learning Wall

When we decided to start a family we knew our lives would change. This transformation however also happens to include modifying our once very adult urban loft into a space that is safe and engaging for our kids.

This is where Pinterest has come in extremely handy. Just look at all these great ideas for kid friendly walls.

With all the great inspiration, it was easy to implement our first Pinterest inspired home improvement project… a Language Learning Wall.

We only needed a few simple items such as an artist’s clipboard and an oil drip pan.

On the artist clipboard we display Spanish worksheets and completed drawings. The oil pan creates a great space for our language magnets.


We already owned this great Mis Letras Interactivas product from LeapFrog. This product is seriously one of our favorite LeapFrog items. Unfortunately they have stopped making it which really bums me out because our “N” and “X” have gone missing. If they happened to wander over to your house on a play date will you please let me know?

Learning Spanish is a family affair which means we needed something that would engage us adults as well. We love these Kids’ Spanish product from Magnetic Poetry. They have English on one side and Spanish for the other and are fun for both kids and adults.

9 thoughts on “How to Create a Language Learning Wall”

  1. This is awesome; beautiful work! Where did you get the oil drip pan? I need one… my new fridge is stainless steel and doesn’t hold magnets, if you can imagine that.

  2. @Dave – you can pick up an oil drip pan at pretty much any auto supply store. And no, I can’t imagine it! Being the magnetic poetry guy I figured all your walls would be magnetic :)

  3. Love this idea!!
    I´m terrified of Pinterest because I spend way too much time on it and then want to spend $ on so many cute things and inspirations I get from there.
    But, this seems simple and so very useful.
    I´m sharing! 😉

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