Has my Toddler Been Influenced by Lady Gaga?

Is it possible that Ivey has overheard me playing one too many Lady Gaga songs?


Recently we took a trip to the Build a Bear Workshop. I tried to get Ivey to pick out a nice normal brown bear that would match my loft decor but instead she insisted on a blue bear. She named him Azul and accessorized him with a guitar, microphone and pink Hello Kitty underwear.


When we got home she put a crown on Azul’s head and placed him in a pink plastic stroller.


Later that same week…


She tried her hand at a little performance art by…

Ivey-3_082111decorating our fire pit with sidewalk chalk.

Have you taken your toddler to the Build a Bear Workshop? I would love to hear what your first Build a Bear looked like.

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