How Much Stuff Do You Schlepp Around?

Schlepp: To carry, to lug to tote. Isn’t that what we do with all our kids stuff whether we like it or not?

Diaper stuff, snack stuff, toy stuff, stuff for swim class, stuff for soccer. Bottom line our kids have a lot of stuff.

Well, I guess that is why Trumpette created these Schleppbags. If you are in the market for a BIG bag, these will carry all your kids stuff and anything else that life with children might throw in your way.

The bag is bigger than she is

Question – At what age do you think kids should start schlepping their own stuff?


Discloser: Trumpette was kind enough to provide me with the 94115 bag. This allows me to pretend that I still live in Pacific Heights. A neighborhood that I haven’t actually lived in since I was single, kid free and didn’t carry that much stuff.

One thought on “How Much Stuff Do You Schlepp Around?”

  1. Kelly, I saw these bags on Pinterest and then came to your site to get the full story. Very eye-catching! I was amazed when I clicked through to Trumpette and saw how many items they’ve launched since my kids were babies. Still lovin’ on the Mary Jane-style socks. (Who isn’t?!)

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