Bits of My Weekend – a Horse, a Wedding, and Soccer

Saturday morning started with a quick trip to visit Cody, Ivey’s favorite “caballo”
Saturday evening, my husband and I went on a date…
Okay, it was actually a wedding but since we were kid-free I am counting it as a date.
It was great to hang out with family.
I had a good time taking pictures…
like this one…
and this one…
and this one.
I am pretty sure everyone had a good time.
On Sunday we dragged our butts out of bed bright and early and took Ivey to soccer.


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3 thoughts on “Bits of My Weekend – a Horse, a Wedding, and Soccer”

  1. I think going to the wedding without kids totally counts as a date. I might be a little jealous. The last time I was alone with my husband was on my birthday (May 20) for about 3 hours and it was grand.

    Love the pictures of all the beautiful faces you took.

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