Ten Products to Swipe from the Hospital After Having a Baby

To set the record straight I am not condoning stealing. I am pretty sure (except for the blankets) the hospital has no problem with you taking the left over supplies from your room. You paid for them right? Leave them behind and you’ll just have to shell out more money at the store later.

  1. Wash Basin – Good for giving the baby a sponge bath until the umbilical cord comes off. Great for washing bottles as well.
  2. Diapers – You will be neededing a lot of these.
  3. Thermometer – Instead of registering for one just keep the one from the hospital.
  4. Surgical Scrub Brush/Sponge – The scrub brush is perfect for washing baby’s scalp. I used it for my first child for over a full year. Also great for cleaning your toddler’s grumby nails.
  5. Peri Bottle – Grab one for you and one for the baby. Great for your private parts and works well for rinsing shampoo off a newborns head.
  6. Bulb Syringe – For all those baby boogers.
  7. Large Maxi Pads – Trust me you will need these. Doesn’t matter if you have a c-section or vaginal birth.
  8. Disposable Panties – Do you really want to ruin your good underwear?
  9. Newborn Hat – Perfect for those first few short weeks when a 0-3 month sized hat is just too big.
  10. Receiving Blankets – Multiple uses and provides a great memory.

Note: If you didn’t get a chase to swipe a receiving blanket from the hospital you can purchase them here.

What did you swipe from the hospital? Did you find anything useful that I didn’t include in the above list?

13 thoughts on “Ten Products to Swipe from the Hospital After Having a Baby”

  1. The peri bottle for washing baby…genius!Never thought of that… a lot of these items get thrown away if you don’t take them, so it’s better if you do!

  2. I never thought about this much (my baby is 25 years old). Great list and a good way to save money!

    P.S. I hope to meet you at BlogHer!

  3. Haha, my hubby swiped a whole bunch of stuff from the cart he came from the nicu with. I asked him to grab one of the blankets and he cleaned it out. We now have 6 property of the hospital receiving blankets! But I came home with everything on this list! The scrub brush is awesome for scrubbing baby scalp! And giving him a Mohawk :)

  4. I grabbed a blue onesie that had the hospital name printed down the leg… Just like scrubs! My husband said I was stealing, but in all fairness when they took my baby for his bath, they never brought back the sleeper he was wearing which was mine… so I think of it more as a trade.

  5. Hahaha, too funny. We also ‘grabbed’ some things on the way out; blankets, diapers, maxi pads, perri bottle (it was great for down there), underwear, and hats. But you guys got bathtubs, thermometers, and brushes? I guess I wasn’t in a posh hospital because I didn’t even see these.

  6. Lol, love this list! I think w made it out with all of these items, too. We also nabbed some of the cold compress things to go in your undies and extra peri bottles for every bathroom in the house. I don’t know if they’re “free” or not, but our hospital offered hydrogels (supposedly wound dressings) to nursing mothers. Had I known how AWESOME they were for sore tatas, I would’ve gotten a pair from every nurse & LC! Those things are expensive but wonderful!

  7. The individual alcohol wipes are great to have. Also, if you have a boy the individual ointment packets are great.

  8. My husband is a surgeon, and he frequently comments about the huge costs hospitals incur to replace property stolen by patients. I completely agree with, and understand, taking home all the “freebies” used during your hospitalization, including the entire list Kelly has provided here. I, too, brought home many of these items, knowing that they are not reused/recycled by the hospital, but simply tossed to prevent the spread of germs. All the unmarked items, including some of the receiving blankets hospitals use, are intended for your use; as Kelly says, you paid for them, so feel free to take them home. Many hospitals also provide several packs of diapers, maxi-pads, newborn hats, and the like to their maternity ward patients. However, any blankets, or scrubs permanently stamped with ‘Property of…’ are NOT intended to be taken home – obviously, that’s why they’re labeled. To clean out a NICU cart of blankets, or bring home scrubs, is simply stealing. If it doesn’t bother you to steal, go right ahead, but don’t then complain about the tremendously high cost of your hospital stay. All those items must be replaced, and those costs are passed right along to you.
    * Many hospitals have now begun to use synthetic, disposable blankets, instead of the softer % percent cotton blankets, not only because fewer germ are spread this way, but because they simply could not afford to continually replace their supplies. They encourage you to take these blankets home.

  9. I have to agree with Rebecca, taking items that weren’t meant to be taken is stealing and it contributes to higher costs for everyone. The thermometer? I’m pretty sure the hospital reuses those. My nurses let me know what was mine to take. The big water cups are awesome and I was happy I could keep mine.

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