Baby Products for the Urban Minimalist – 0 to 3 Months

Confused on what you REALLY NEED for your baby? Don’t have a ton of space in your urban dwelling? Here is a complete list of products that should get the typical urban minimalist through the first three months.


  1. Moses basket – Even better than an empty dresser drawer; a moses basket is a perfect place for an  infant to sleep. It is also easy to move from room to room which is great since the average newborn sleeps roughly 16 hours a day.
  2. Puj Tub – Finally a infant bathtub that isn’t awkward and is easily stored out of sight no matter how small your place is.
  3. Baby wash – This baby wash from Nurture My Body is organic and leaves your baby smelling divine. It is a tad on the pricey side but use it sparingly and it could last you a good 3 months.
  4. Organic JojoBABY Oil (basically organic jojoba oil) – use this to give your baby a massage. Jojoba oil is much better for your baby’s skin (and the environment) than traditional baby oil or baby lotion.
  5. Mother Love Diaper Rash & Thrush – An all-natural herbal salve for diaper rash and it also great for soothing nipples. Buy one jar for baby and one jar specifically for your boobs.
  6. Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat – This car seat has a removable all-weather boot with blanket flap that keeps baby warm during our crazy cold San Francisco summers. This product also doubles as a “bouncy chair” while you are in the house.
  7. Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Carrier Stroller Frame – A lightweight stroller is a must! When folded it is small enough to hang on the back of your front door.
  8. Kimono tees – Sometimes onesies can be a pain in the butt. These work day or night and don’t have to be taken off to change a diaper. You are probably gonna want half a dozen of these suckers.
  9. Cotton pants – For wearing with the kimono tees when it is too cold to only wear a diaper. You are probably going to want 3-4 pairs.
  10. Monthly onesies (0-12) – These onesies are perfect for taking pictures in. Wearing them will also eliminate questions from strangers asking, “how old is he/she?”
  11. Moby Wrap with SPF 50+ – Not only will keep the baby calm this wrap will double as a wrap/shawl for yourself. This product will literally give you back your hands and allow you to get things done. With a little practice this will allow you to breastfeed and ride public transportation at the same time.
  12. Organic Cotton Cloth Diapers – Instead of using these as diapers use them as burp rags and changing pads.
  13. Muslin swaddles – These ones from aden + anais are large enough to ensure a good swaddle and can also be used as a burp cloth, nursing shield, stroller cover or portable crib sheet. Plus they are super soft and get better with each wash.

But what about a diaper bag?
Many hospital (example: Kaiser) will often provide you with a diaper bag, besides as a chic urban professional you must probably have a dozen or so over-sized purses cluttering up your closet. Use one of those! If not, swipe one of your husband’s backpacks/messengers bags. If you still insist that you NEED a “diaper bag” I suggest a Skip Hop Duo because it fits nicely on a stroller.

How about diapers? Should I buy cloth or disposable?
If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area I suggest you checkout Earth Baby’s Diaper Service. They deliver compostable diapers and wipes right to your door and pick-up your soiled ones.


  • Make sure you swipe the following items from the hospital prior to your departure.
  • If and when the time comes that you feel you NEED something that is not on the above list (example: a huge ugly baby swing) try picking one up on craigslist.

13 thoughts on “Baby Products for the Urban Minimalist – 0 to 3 Months”

  1. Great post and I also am a fan of Sweet P’s Jojoba Oil!! Takes off makeup, is great on wet skin after a shower and of course is safe and pure for a little one’s body.

  2. Just the other night I was talking to my DIL who is totally overwhelmed with all the “stuff” that seems to be required these days. I told her there must be a list somewhere. The fact that this is one that focuses on sustainability and natural products is great. Would love to see you do one on what used to be called a “layette,” i.e. all the clothing (including blankets etc.) in the numbers suggested. I passed this on to my DIL. Thanks!

  3. @Lynn – Thanks for your comment. I have admired your blog for a long time. This post will be part of a series. The next post will be called “Baby Products for the Urban Minimalist – 3 to 6 Months” and will explain the products that you need to add as your baby grows.

    As far as quantities goes, depending on how often you can do laundry and how big of a minimalist the person is they may only required exactly what I highlighted in the post. For example I have been using the same 4 aden + anais blankets for almost 2 years now. Another thing to consider is the weather in which someone lives. For example living in San Francisco this list provides what I need (even during our COLD summers) but this might not work for someone that lives in a place where it snows.

    I also left socks off this list because they simply are not needed in San Francisco at this age – especially since she stays plenty warm in the Moby.

  4. @Shane – besides using jojoba oil on the baby I use it on myself as well (eye makeup remover, face wash, after shower oil, ends of my hair, etc). It is a amazing wonderful product!

  5. Thanks Kelly. Glad you like our blog.

    My DIL is in Denver so socks are a must. Also, a question. Have you looked into the safety of whatever chemical might be used to get the sun protection in the Mobi wrap? Curious about that. Also, I understand that protection washes out after 30 washes?

  6. @Lynn – Depending on how you feel about the Rayosan™ process that makes the Moby wrap SPF 50 – I could see how you might want to opt of the Organic Moby instead (http://www.mobywrap.com/p-206-organics.aspx). Personally I felt that the price point of the SPF Moby was more reasonable than the organic Moby. I also felt that the SPF was a good option since we are outside a lot and we won’t use any sunscreen on her until she is a bit older.

    Most important thing is finding a baby carrier that works and actually gets used. I can’t believe how many moms end up with a half a dozen or so carriers sitting in their closets. Unused products = wasted money, wasted space, and wasted resources.

  7. Baby Products for the Urban Minimalist – 3 to 6 Months

    Did you post this?? Trying to register now and am totally confused what to get beyond three months :)

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