Supermom has Officially Left the Building

Maternity Leave no.2 – Day 1
199 pounds and 28 days until my due date.

First off, how is it even possible for someone 5 feet 2 inches to weigh 199 pounds? I feel like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man but even more dangerous (thanks to the heart burn I am pretty sure I can actually breath fire).

Secondly, I don’t know where the last year has gone. I had originally planned to blog about my pregnancy but like so many things these days – it just never happened.

So here I am, Day 1 of my maternity leave… The house looks like it has been hit by Hurricane Ivey and Tsunami Tirman. I have enough experience now to know the dust will never quite settle but I also know I have to get organized. We only have a short period of time before our new addition joins us and our lives turn into a full blown circus.

No matter what, in the next 28 days I NEED to accomplish the following.

  • Find somewhere in the house for the new baby to sleep
  • Find a name to call the new baby
  • Open the 2 months of mail that has piled up at my front door (thank goodness for automatic bill pay :))
  • Find and start applying to preschools for Ivey (if we are lucky maybe we will get in by the Fall of 2013)

I am trying to keep things realistic this time around (maybe even relax a little). Supermom has officially left the building.

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