Look What Arrived in the Mail

Last week I gave you a sneak peak of the Angel Dear Spring 2011 line, which was really just an excuse to gush about my beautiful and talented daughter. Hey, I am her mom and that is my job – right? Well, the actual printed catalog arrived in the mail this week so here I am, once again – gushing with pride.


There are a few things about these pictures that really make me happy.


Ivey is incredibly expressive and has the ability to look different in each shot. I am truly impressed and wished I had the ability to do that with such ease.


But most importantly she really seemed to enjoy it. Which I have to admit is the most important thing.

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8 thoughts on “Look What Arrived in the Mail”

  1. I want a copy of the catalog—-please. Just tell me where to order it. This is just the beginning of her modeling career. :)

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