Swim Early and Swim Often

Ivey just graduated to the next level swim class. She will be the youngest kid in her class by a year! We are very proud of her success but more importantly we are thrilled that love the water just as much as we do.

Ivey only attends one class a week but we try and go to the pool during “free swim” as often as we can. Here is the things that she showed the teacher with got her promoted to the next class:

  • jumping in from sitting on the count of 3
  • jumping in from standing on the count of 3
  • gliding under the water from mom to teacher and then back again
  • holding on to the side of the wall unattended
  • able to climb out of the pool with aid

All and all pretty basic – but being that she is only a year old,  I am VERY impressed :)

Ivey loves this rubber duck!

And I can’t believe she can actually climb out of the pool!

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