Five Brilliant Birthday Party Ideas Worth Stealing

We recently attended a wonderfully brilliant birthday party for our 4 year old neighbor. Here are some of the fabulous birthday party ideas her mom gave me that I plan on stealing borrowing and you should too.


Make your own banner out of felt. Stringing each letter up with clothespins will give you the ability to rearrange the letters – making it reusable for multiple kids.


Forgo the disposable party supply table cloths and buy bold pieces of fabric.

And I absolutely love the way she spelled out the kids names using these brightly colored alphabet stickers.


Every princess needs a crown. Why not use it to proudly display her age?


And for my all time favorite… Make clean up easy! Use these paper AceĀ® Yard Bags to collect recycling, trash and compost items.

2 thoughts on “Five Brilliant Birthday Party Ideas Worth Stealing”

  1. Love the banner idea…actually I was totally digging all of those ideas, and the crown..well, I might just make one for myself, it’s very pretty.

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