Ivey Maudell is Eleven Months Old

Ivey Maudell turned eleven months old today. I can’t believe how fast time is flying. To ensure I remember all these special moments I will be taking a “birthday” picture every month for her first 24 months as well as charting her developments.

Summary of Ivey’s development this past month:

  • Will stand momentarily without support.
  • She will walk around for several minutes while holding on to your hands.
  • Will enthusiastically empty the contents of her toy chest onto the floor however she will rarely put them back.
  • Is willing to voluntarily let go of an object she is holding if you ask her for it nicely.
  • Will poke and pinch small objects.
  • Will attempt to scribble when given a writing instrument.
  • Has learned to throw her binky with incredible speed, distance and accuracy.
  • Loves to have her hair brushed.
  • Is about to cut her third tooth.

The Outtakes:

Now that we are in the “double digits” I am finding it much harder to get a picture of Ivey actually holding the numbers.


They usually end up in her mouth.


Because we only had one “1” we thought we would use this plastic fish for the second “1” – this was not successful and also ended up in her mouth.


Deep in thought.


Although it kinda looks like she is upset in this picture, she is actually being really goofy and over the top. She is such a cheese ball and tends to laugh hysterically after flashing this smile.

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10 thoughts on “Ivey Maudell is Eleven Months Old”

  1. Very cute! My little guy will be walking before I know it too. He’s also doing the balance for a second on his own and walk around while you hold him thing. This is such a great stage!

    He has 6 teeth coming in though. Plus, he’s already had two haircuts and is due for another soon. I can hardly believe that! He was born with a full head of hair and it just keeps growing!

  2. I think this is such an adorable idea! I have been sharing with all my friends on FB and Twitter. I wish I would have thought of something like that when my kids were smaller. Must file away for baby #3! :)

  3. Man I wish I had been as methodical about my picture taking… I missed a lot! :(
    Your girl is a total doll!

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