Bits of my Weekend

To be honest, it felt like I spent most of my weekend trying to get Ivey to go to sleep. Have I mentioned that she routinely wakes up and 1, 3, and 5am EVERY night? My husband keeps telling me we need to let her “cry it out” but I just can’t seem to do it.


However once she is actually falls asleep nothing seems to wake her.


Once all the kids where asleep my neighbors rounded up in the common area for a little wine and late night Wii bowling. Super fun!

7 thoughts on “Bits of my Weekend”

  1. Oh Kell, I can’t wait to see your little darling again. She’s so gorgeous.

    You’re going to have to just do it. It will suck but until you break her of that habit, she’ll keep doing it. Been there, done that. Good luck.

  2. I’m with you on the nighttime routine. My Hudson wakes up around midnight and 3 am. Then he wants to get up at 5:30 am. My husband and I both keep saying we should let him cry it out but neither of us can do it. Hudson is almost a year old! I didn’t realize I was so lucky with my daughter who started sleeping through the night VERY early on.

  3. That common area is great!!!

    Good luck with the sleeping. We tried every technique out there on my son when he was a baby. And in the end, I think nothing works until they are ready for it to work. Each kiddo is different. Hang in there. I know how hard no sleep can be..been there!

  4. I know it sounds harsh, but let her cry it out. One night, maybe two, and it would all be over with… oh this takes me back about 12 years…

    BTW, she’s precious!

  5. Your neighbours sound fun. That’s a great idea to get to know everyone.

    My son was a terrible sleeper. We ended up doing a modified cry-it-out where I would check on him every 5,10, then 15 minutes. It worked but it took a week or so. I wouldn’t recommend doing it unless you are really ready to stick it out. It’s not fun.

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