Ten More Sales = an Additional $1,000 for Faces of Tomorrow

WOW- totally new incentive to visit my shop!

The wonderful people at OpenSky have been beyond supportive in my effort to raise money for Faces of Tomorrow, and they decided to step up their support EVEN MORE. I’ve already made 20 sales this month (THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!), and they just let me know if I reach 30 sales by the end of this month.. they’ll give and additional 1,000 BIG ONES to FOT!! Do you KNOW how many SMILES that provides (aside from mine…)

The best part is that it doesn’t JUST have to be necklace sales, it just has to be any product over $12. This makes me excited because I’ve got so many awesome products in my shop (course I love them, I put them there and use them all the time). So I wanted to go over a few of my ABSOLUTE favorites so that you can support FOT without having to purchase ONLY a necklace.

Here’s some of my favorites and why:
  • Sweet P’s Cactus Flower Hydrating Mist, I use this as a toner twice a day after I wash my face and before I moisturize. This product was created especially based on my request by the lovely Paula. It is wild crafted, organic and seriously hydrates your face!
  • Bottoms Up Baby Wipes, in my quest to remove as may toxins from our home as possible I have been replacing traditional disposable wipes with this great kit that is GOOD for the planet and GOOD for your baby. I love the smell and it is surprisingly convenient and easy to use.
  • Sweetsation – Organic SPF 30+ Sunscreen, It is not just for babies! This sunscreen is jam packed with kick butt ingredients making it a state of the art skin care pampering treatment for mom’s face and hands as well. Plus I love how it smells like YUMMY chocolate marshmallows.
  • Bilingual Birdies CD, Bilingual Birdies is an amazing foreign language music program (based in New York) whose mission is to teach cross-cultural understanding, compassion and curiosity through foreign language and music. My daughter loves to clap and bounce around when we play this CD. I am sure your child will love it as well!

2 thoughts on “Ten More Sales = an Additional $1,000 for Faces of Tomorrow”

  1. Hi Kelly- I am really good friends with Kristen , Jason and little K and a member of the FOT team. I got the necklace for my 6 year old daughter and we both absolutely love it. Thanks for making such a meaning and adorable piece of jewelery.
    My daughter and her friend were playing and the necklace accidentally got caught on a finger and broke. Is there anyway I can purchase a new chain? Thanks, Karyn

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