Seven Ways to Use Virgin Coconut Oil

I am bummed. I’m totally out of coconut oil. While swirling my fingers along the edges of the jar to salvage any possible remains, I realized it was time to feature my favorite coconut oil as my product of the week. It’s a purchase we can both make together!

I love finding great products that I truly love and confidently recommending them to you (my reader). As I refill my personal stock of my favorite products, I write about them. I am about to purchase more and you should purchase some too, because as my disappointing face shows…we’re both living sadly sans coconut oil.

But Kelly what will I do with 30 oz. of coconut oil? And why would life with a jar of coconut oil be that much better?

Well glad you asked! Here are a few fabulous ideas:

  1. First separate the 30 oz into two jars. One for your kitchen and one for your bathroom (or where ever you keep your body care products).
  2. Apply a small amount to the ends of your hair. Coconut oil is an amazing natural conditioner for your hair. It contains essential proteins for nourishing damaged hair. Plus it give your hair a nice shine.
  3. Apply it to your scalp before you wash your hair. Regularly massaging your head with coconut oil helps fight dandruff.
  4. Apply to your feet. Coconut oil is antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, and antibacterial which should cure those stinky feet and athlete’s foot.
  5. Use it as a replacement for mineral oil. It is better for you and the environment!
  6. Put it on your baby’s butt. Yep, it works wonders on diaper rash too.
  7. Eat it! Replace butter and other oils in your diet. Coconut oil adds a nice flavor to your food and has a lot of health benefits.

I am CRAZY for this virgin coconut oil (a.k.a. VCO) and you will be too!

10 thoughts on “Seven Ways to Use Virgin Coconut Oil”

  1. coming from a country that abound in coconut trees, i swear by the power of VCO! i only used VCO to massage him (i still use it as his massage oil). i used it on his body before i give him a bath, on his hair so it’ll grow nice and thick, on his scrapes and scabs will fall just right off.

    when he wasnt gaining enough weight, his pediatrician suggested that i put a drop of VCO to his formula and it worked wonders! she said it’s what she gives to the underweight babies.

    thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  2. cool! i’ve been meaning to buy some to cook with and can also personally attest to how fantastic it is for your skin and hair. before bed i use it as a hand/body lotion then run my fingers through my hair. the next morning i shampoo and condition as usual, and my hair is much healthier.

  3. Cheri,
    Thanks for your comment. Yep, VCO is pretty special and is a great staple to have around the house. I generally use jojoba oil for massaging the baby but I think i will try a little VCO on her as well.

    As far as feeding the baby VCO. I always add it to her carrots when I am making baby food. Adding a little fat to carrots ensures that the beta carotene can be readily absorbed by the body.

  4. Cindy,
    Yep it smells like coconuts, however it is fainter and not as sweet as lotions that are scented with an artificial coconut fragrance. Virgin coconut oil also has a very low melting point (76°F) it turns into a oil very easily. In San Francisco my jar is more of a creamy solid in the winter and it is a clear oil in the rest of the year.

    You should be able to find coconut oil at most health food stores and even places like Whole Foods, just make sure it says “Virgin Coconut Oil”

    To find out even more at about Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) check out:

  5. Marilyn,
    Because virgin coconut oil slow to oxidize it is resistant to turning rancid and is often used in natural cosmetics and skin treatments. In body care product it is often listed as “Coco Nucifera Oil”.

  6. You sold me on coconut oil and I am so grateful. I use it on my skin and on my hair. …On Sam’s butt as needed also.
    Another safe use: yep, you heard it from me: in the bedroom.

    Also, I keep some around to give to my 4 year old that will occasionally (and strangely) ask for medicine: one almost tasteless spoonful and she’s good.

    Also, I’ve been reading about how it can help raise your GOOD cholesterol or HDL. So yeah, I gotta get myself a 30 oz bottle!

  7. I <3 you.

    Giving to your daughter when she asks for medicine is a great idea. Ivey is always asking me for medicine and until now I wasn't sure of a good way to get around her begging. Thank you.

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