Ivey’s First Tooth

Just when we were going to start calling her Toothless Tirman, Ivey delivered not only one but TWO teeth. Reminding me once again that it is always better to under promise and over deliver.


Teething hasn’t put my dear little Ivey in the best of moods. She does however want to cuddle more than usual but everything else seems to just piss her off. Seriously, it was close to impossible to get her to crack a smile and show off her teeth.


After resorting to fart noises, funny voices, singing, playing music and dancing I was finally able to get a picture of Ivey’s pearly whites. Personally I think it was my dancing that did the trick.

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15 thoughts on “Ivey’s First Tooth”

  1. Both of my kids took forever to get their first teeth but once they got their first ones, the rest seemed to follow in no time. It made for a grumpy few weeks but at least it was over with (sort of) quickly.

    Sweet pics.

  2. YOWZA she’s gorgeous! How old is she? My son was a good nine months before his first two, also the bottom, poked through. He’s not fifteen months and only has four teeth!

  3. Okay, you know you’ve asked for this: we’re going to need to see the video of you dancing. Come on, give it up!

    BTW..she’s just as cute as ever! Man, she is just yummy. You did good kid.

  4. Oh my goodness I MUST be blind because I only see one pearly white and the bump of another! But I’ll take your word for it LOL

    Happy WW

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