Faces of Tomorrow, How you can help TODAY!

A few days ago, I introduced you to Ivey’s first (and simultaneous second) tooth.  During the teething process I came to realize that those newbie chomps are the start of what I hope to be Ivey’s most permanent accessory – her smile.

As her mother, and number one fan, I’ve committed myself to doing anything and everything I can…every second of every day… to keep that smile of hers going strong. If you are the mother of a smiling baby, I know you’ve felt that warmth that radiates from every pearly white – and how inspiring that warmth is!

So, now that I’ve made you feel all mushy inside, I’m taking this opportunity to pull on your heart strings and get you to help out with an organization whose mission is literally give children smiles. Faces Of Tomorrow provides free medical and surgical processes to children with facial deformities. I have always admired FOT, especially as my neighbor, fellow mom and dear friend Kristen is on the board.

I’ve always wanted to get involved with FOT, but since I’m far from a licensed nurse (like admirable Kristen), I’ll never have the chance to travel to third world countries, perform facial surgeries, and turn frowns upside down- at least with my bare hands. I came up with my own way to help, my own hands-on way to make a difference I designed this necklace (yes, me, Kelly Tirman-the product prescriber, enthused blogger, tooth flossing mommy, and now-the jewelry designer…how DOES she do it?)


I’m working with a handful of absolutely brilliant and amazing people… FOT (they are featuring the necklace on their site!), Neida (the fabulous supplier making these designs happen), OpenSky (the guys helping me bring this hot item to my shop), and now YOU.

So here are the details:

  • This necklace will actually go on sale next Monday 6/21 and will only be sold for a limited time during the month of June.
  • They will sell for $40 (They cost $20 for Neida to make)
  • 100% of the proceeds will go directly to FOT – that’s $20 a necklace directly to charity I nor OpenSky is making a dime.

But Kelly, you said I could help today but yet the necklace doesn’t go on sale until next Monday. What’s the deal? Well, that’s super easy – please help me spread the word. It’s an amazing thing that my baby girl is developing her smile, and it’s an amazing thing that together we can help others develop theirs. So tell your friends – tweet about it, post it on Facebook, link this post to your blog/web site, shout it from your roof- whatever way you get important words out… :)

I thank you with my whole heart.


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