Behind the Seams at TJ Maxx with Alison Deyette

I recently attended a “blogger junket” at TJ Maxx. Since the San Francisco TJ Maxx is less than a mile from my house I felt like it was kismet. It was held first thing in the morning (thankfully they served us coffee) and its goal was to show us why off-price retailers are a better way to shop.


The event was lead by style expert Alison Deyette who chatted up TJ Maxx’s buying power, savings, product quality, and in-season merchandise. Alison shared two pieces of advice that I found very helpful. First, shopping at TJ Maxx is all about the thrill of the hunt. Head into TJ Maxx searching for the perfect black dress and you will walk out disappointed. Instead, go looking for a cute dress and you will be thrilled. Secondly, she suggested shopping with a trusted girlfriend, one that will actually tell you the truth about your butt in those jeans.

My initial thoughts:

As a new mom I don’t have time to “hunt” for clothes. To be honest, I consider myself lucky when I find time to wash my hair.

And then…

  • I realized it might be time to retire my maternity clothes – it has been nine months since the baby was born after all.
  • The San Francisco TJ Maxx has a great parking lot which actually makes it more convenient than shopping in Union Square.
  • Since TJ Maxx supplied me with a $150 $100 gift card for attending the junket the least I could do was spend their money.


The best part of the event? Hanging out with my Heather & Whitney from Rookie Moms. I only wish I had brought my copy of The Rookie Mom’s Handbook for Heather to sign.

BTW – Anyone up for a trip to TJ Maxx? I could use a shopping buddy and my gift card is burning a whole in my pocket.

5 thoughts on “Behind the Seams at TJ Maxx with Alison Deyette”

  1. I am a big TJMaxx fan! Love their stores. I totally agree about the hunt–my best luck is always when I’m not looking for something specific, just browsing for a great deal. And, if you can time it just after they switch over to a new season, it’s packed with great stuff (at least my nearest store, anyway). Soon thereafter it starts to look a little picked over…

    Great post! I’m a little jealous of your TJ gift card…

  2. I’m SO jealous. I’ve only recently become a fan but always find something to take home. Small world, btw. One of my best bloggy friends, Momma Kiss, works at TJ corporate.

  3. I LOVE TJMaxx!! Shop there all the time b/c I love the “hunt”. And I was so happy when they opened a store in SF, with parking nonetheless! I’ll go with you anytime – I can hang out with Ivey while you try on some new clothes!

  4. Melanyann –
    Perfect. You always look so hip and fashionable! I would be honored it you went to TJ Maxx with me I could totally use your help.

  5. Aww, Kelly, you’re so sweet. I act as personal shopper for my sister and best friend so I’ve had some practice! Let me know whenever you’re up for going! :)

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