Wordful Wednesday – Our Version of the Play Yard

Now that Ivey is not only crawling but pulling herself to standing we had to bite the bullet and start baby-proofing the loft.

Instead of purchasing a traditional Play Yard we rearranged our furniture to create an enclosed six-by-six play area. On one hand I felt bad for fencing her in. On the other, it is nice to be able to take my eyes off her for a split second.


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13 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday – Our Version of the Play Yard”

  1. I LOVE it! We did the same thing for our little guys when they first became mobile. It was a life-safer when their little sister came… I could take a mini nap right there on the couch and know they were just an arms length away!

  2. Jo,
    We joined a indoor play gym a few blocks away. Pretty soon I think we are going to have to head over there a few times a day for her to get her Ya-Ya’s out.

  3. That’s a great idea for a play area. It’s good that you have enough furniture to make a play space like that. I’m sure she likes it better than a true play yard.

  4. So cute! I dont think she’d like a real play yard as much… that is so much better! And to answer your question… I do bathe my bab practically everyday. When you have 4 kids it just becomes routine. LOL

  5. I feel terrible for stopping by so late, but gosh almighty she’s still just as cute as she was the week before. lol I love the idea with the couches. My husband and son are rearranging the living room as we speak and we’re trying to manuever furniture around as well.
    Thanks for stopping by and linking up last week. Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

  6. That is awesome! I had a play yard but neither one of my kids seemed thrilled to be in it. So instead we used baby gates to keep them on at least one floor. Luckily our townhouse and now house have fairly open plan layouts so keeping an eye out is pretty easy

    Happy WW

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